Indesmalla presents Fresh Collection

On this last edition of the Intefilière trade show (París, July 2018) Indesmalla is introducing a new and innovating collection, “Fresh Collection by Indesmalla”, thought to satisfy and improve the antibacterials and anti odor features of the fabrics.


It’s about an innovation on the textile technology made for have and effect on the improvement of the quality, especially, in shape and sport fabrics. The mainly novelty that Creora Fresh threads are contributing to Indesmalla fabrics is actually into the ADN of the elastomer fiber, which have an antibacterial and anti odor capsules inserted into the sma thread.

This collection provides compression and control to the fabrics without refuse to a comfortable and fresh touch. So, the mainly added value you can find in this collection it’s the fact the thread is already having the antibacterial feature into the thread. This fact allows a less handling of the fabric to give the features that we want, at the same time that increase the durability of the antibacterial quality. The average durability of the fabrics which has got the antibacterial through the dyeing process it’s about 30 laundering, with Creora Fresh the antibacterial and anti odor remains until 100 laundering.