Since 1973

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Indesmalla, a family business founded in 1973 in a small vessel of 1,000 m2, has two production plants with more than 10,000m2 placed in Pineda de Mar and Palafolls, at the north of Barcelona.
The plant in Pineda, where the company was founded, continues today with the production of laces with Jacquardtronics and Raschels machines.

The plant of Palafolls, opened in 1992, where the offices and the warehouse are located, is also the emplacement for the Ketten machines.

Strategically located, between Barcelona and France, our location marks from the our vocation to serve traditional markets and our willingness to break into the international ones. Today we can proudly say that our products are present in all five continents.

After 40 years of work, effort, continued growth and the subsequent adaptation to the changing market needs, has allowed us to place ourselves in a strong position on the demanding challenges that lies ahead.

How we do it?

Indesmalla offers a vertically-integrated service, extending from warping, knitting, dyeing and finishing to final delivery of the product to the client.
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01. Warp

In our plant in Palafolls we prepare and warp the beams which we are going to use to knit our articles.

02. Knitting

At Indesmalla, we are committed to constantly updating and adaptating our machinery and production process. All the products we offer to our customers are manufactured using best-in-class techniques and the latest equipment.
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03. Dyeing and finishing

The dyeing and finishing stages are among the most important phases of the production process. This is why we do all of our dyeing in-house, to ensure that our products meet the texture, strength, and quality requirements that our customers demand.

04. Quality control

Our quality-control department evaluates all of our products as they come off the production line,  ensuring they meet only the highest quality standards and requirements of our clients.
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05. Cutting

After making it through the previous stages, the petit-laces are sent to be separated and cut under rigorous controls in order to offer our customers a highest-quality final product.

06. Customer service

In every phase, we optimize production time to the maximum to ensure rapid, on-time delivery to our clients in Spain, Europe and South America, among others.

Likewise, our presence at international trade fairs makes it possible to maintain direct and constant communication with our national and international clients.

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