Knitting since 1973

Since we were founded 44 years ago, today we can give credit to be a good dealer of different fabrics where the three features that represent us comes together: quality, innovation and design and customized service focused on satisfy the market and the clients demands.


Quality always has been a main focus for our company and service philosophy. So, our fabrics are under a thorough and strict control all along their production process of warp, knitting and finishing.


Our technical and design teams are working together to offer to our customers the last trends of such a demanding and competitive market without losing the quality that define us.


Our sales and administrative team works together to offer to our clients a customized service which can supply the demands of each client. Our experience is giving a security and reliability value for our customers.

We overtake to the market trends.

We have the ultimate technology to provide the best product.

Experience and Innovation

Our experience provide us a certainty and reliability values accompanied by the innovation of our technic fabrics.

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